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The advent of the 20th century where saw many technological and industrial advancements also saw on-screen entertainment as well.

One of these was cartoons and animations.

17th August was historical as it witnessed the world’s first cartoon, Fantasmagorie; and, that’s where the cartoon and animation started.

Later the invention of the world’s first general-purpose computer laid the foundation for computer-animated films, among which Toy Story by Disney and Pixar (1995) will be remembered forever.


What is Genoanime?

Before discussing Genoanime it’s necessary to describe what Anime is.

In fact, Anime is the Japanese version of hand-made animated series.

So, Genoanime is one of the fastest-growing Anime streaming websites.

As per their Instagram account, they call themselves a free anime website with no trackers, user-friendly UI, and absolutely no ad.

From pre-uploaded Anime series to scheduled ones it has all that an Anime-lover wants to watch.

Distinguishing Features of GenoAnime

As described in the Genoanime Reddit group GenoAnime has the following features:

  • It has categories for both pre-recorded Anime and live-streaming for the latest episodes
  • Along with the video Anime it also has the AMV (Anime Music Video) category where anyone can submit his own AMV
  • It has an art gallery where both hand-drawn and computer-made Anime characters can be found
  • All of the videos have subtitles that make it easy for English learners or beginners to understand the dialogues
  • Account creation allows users to add favorites to their account, so that can they can watch them again or share them with others
  • They have updated anime content – from 10 minutes to one hour of release
  • Their UI (User-interface) is user-friendly for new users even
  • One of the best features is its Random category which allows you to start watching based on its AI recommendation
  • Their huge collection of animes is one of its distinguished hallmarks
  • Servers are fast enough that hardly you see any video buffering
  • Simple catchy interface

Is GenoAnime Safe?

One of the issues Anime lovers often ask is if GenoAnime is safe or not.

Well, without any doubt it can be said it’s more than safe like any other famous Anime streaming website.

All because it doesn’t ask the users to accept any cookies.

Moreover, it claims it has no server of its own. All of the data it shows belongs to non-affiliated third parties.

Like YouTube, it has its completion system called Anilist which shows your watched videos as watched or starts where you left off last time.

Most importantly, it’s completely Ad free.

Do You Know?
The term “Otaku Tatto” or simple Ottato is used for the anime tattoos, which are mostly uncolored ones without any shades

Do you experience GenoAnime down Frequently?

A few people may experience GenoAnime down for some time.

If you are seeing a 301 Error status code, then most probably something is wrong at your end. However, an ISP barrier, a firewall, or a region-specific ban can’t be ruled out.

Most importantly, it’s Ad Free, which is rare these days with video streaming websites.

Sites like GenoAnime where provides perfect entertainment by streaming all kind of Anime videos, there also exist a question mark on their legality.

In most countries, it’s banned because of copyright issues. Many times it’s heard that content-producing companies have banned this.

How Good is GenoAnime?

A few people previously complained that one cannot search for the desired anime concerning the year. But this has been resolved, and now you can search according to the year as well.

Things that Need Improvement in GenoAnime

There’s no public review or comments section under any of the videos uploaded. That’s somewhat a part where they are lacking seriously.

Because today, when video-sharing giants like YouTube are hollow without the comments section.

For Your Information
Welcome to the Ballroom” is an anime series about a girl that fall into dancing competition world by chance

Alternatives of GenoAnime

Some of the recommended sites like GenoAnime are:

  • AnimeNova
  • GoGoAnime
  • KissAnime
  • KickAssAnime
  • Crunchyroll

These Japanese styles of animated cartoons (animes) are so popular despite their traditional style of bright-colored hand-made or like images.

Especially the fact that these are made for both young and adults together. Indeed, the whole family can enjoy the same as they do while watching any movie.

In a nutshell, GenoAnime is doing a yeoman’s service by providing streaming of animes for those who can’t afford to buy and watch.

Its unique features described above make it most liked by the netizens.

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