Are Inkbox Temporary Tattoos Actually Good?

Inkbox Temporary Tattoos

Have you ever heard of Inkbox Temporary Tattoos?

Well, before going further let me give you a background a little

Justin Bieber, Angelina Julie, Harry Styles, and many other celebrities – there’s one thing common about all of them.

All of them have got their bodies tattooed either as a form of self-expression, a tribute to someone they love or simply as a mode of self-actualization.

Today we’re going to talk about tattoos that do not stick to your body lifetime.

Instead, they are your temporary partners, and above all, they look the same as permanent ones.

What is the Inkbox Temporary Tattoo?

Unlike other tattoos, it’s a type of tattoo that’s semi-permanent and doesn’t become part of your skin forever.

Instead, they are more like a sticker that leaves an impression for not more than two weeks.

How does an Inkbox tattoo work?

Well, it’s somewhere between a permanent tattoo and just a sticker. It works by sinking into your skin, which then reacts with your proteins and keratins and starts leaving impressions after 2-3 days.

It’s painless, easy to apply, and most importantly lets you get rid of one and replace it with a new one.

Even cartoon and anime characters we see today are show arms and legs full of tattoos.

Steps to Apply Inkbox Temporary Tattoo

As mentioned on their website, they call the application process as 4Ps – Prime, Place, Peel, and Post-care. Let’s explore each of these steps in a detail.

1.      Prime

Use a quality wipe like Primer Wipe and rub the intended area for at least half a minute, and let it dry so that no moisture remains.

2.      Place

Peel off the backing from the sticky part of the tattoo, place it on the skin with the sticky surface downwards, and press it gently. Once it’s stuck remove the white border and smooth it out again and let it be on the skin for one hour atleast.

3.      Peel

After one hour of placing, remove it slowly until the whole is removed. After a day it will leave its color – black or dark blue depending upon your skin.

4.      Post-care

After removing the tattoo, avoid making that part of the skin wet, sweat, or moving it too much for at least 6 hours.

Types of Inkbox Temporary Tattoos

Inkbox offers three types of temporary tattoos as given below:

·         Ready-made

This category is called Catalog, where there are a whole bunch of ready-made tattoos showing animals, flowers, nature, Geometry, and whatnot. Moreover, it’s available in all sizes and for all body parts – be it a thigh, chest, biceps, triceps, or whatever. Just buy, apply and show off!!!

·         Custom-made

What if someone wants his design, like his or her heirloom’s impression, his or her loved ones’ image, or any tattoo that does not exist already? But Inkbox has the solution. Having one of the finest tattoo artists, they can make a tailor-made tattoo according to your desire.

·         Freehand

There’s another category of people who are either artists themselves or they want a customized tattoo so frequently and without spending time going to the tattoo studio. For such people, Inkbox has made a special tattoo pen, which they call a Freehand Tattoo Marker, and Inkbox Temporary Tattoo kit.


Alternatives of Inkbox Temporary Tattoos

As a Tattoo collector you must thinking if there is a cheaper alternative to Inkbox?

Because despite making its name in the market of temporary tattoos, there are other companies too that offer similar products. Let’s take a glance over them.

  • MonetaryInk
  • Temporarytattoos
  • Tattly
  • Artweartattoo
  • Stockeryou
  • And of course etsy & Amazon

How long does Inkbox Tattoo last?

The following table best shows how long does it last

 Fresh lookFaded Look
Biceps1-7 days8-14 days
Forearm1-6 days7-12 days
Hand1-4 days5-8 days
Thigh1-7 days8-14 days
Calf1-7 days8-14 days
Ankle1-9 days10-15 days

So, we can conclude that the more the body part is immovable, the longer will the tattoo stay.

Tattoos and their Effect on Mind

Tattoos are not the order of the day. Instead, it’s been prevailing for as long as 3000-5000 years.  A frozen body of a 5300-year-old body discovered in 1991 showed the body’s wrist, legs, and back tattooed – refuting our myth that inking one’s skin is a modern art.

So, what does that mean?

It means there’s some sort of connection between inking one’s body and the psychological effect it has had on a tattoo collector.

One of the studies published by the University of Washington says it helps the emotional recovery of patients who’re in remission from the fatal disease of Cancer.

Even people were seen spending money on Covid-related tattoos, which in their view reminded them of their horrible recovery from Corona.

The Bottom Line

Change your mind! Don’t ink your body with those painful needles that leaves its impression so deep that you can’t get rid of in your life time without going through further pain. Switch to these temporary tattoos that can be updated whenever you want, according to your current circumstances.

M. Suleman

M. Suleman

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