Gianna Martello: Dance Mom’s Evergreen Instructor Is Upto What Now?

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Everybody who loves dance just gets closer because we’re going to discuss one of the hot favorite dance instructors of today.

Because unlike business executives artists have much more fan followers than business executives.

If you remember a hot favorite dance show, that aired a few years ago for nearly nine years, called Dance Moms, then you may guess who we’re talking about.

Yes, you might have said off the top of your head by now.

It’s none other than Gianna Martello.

Let’s explore her professional life a bit deeper. But before stepping into her dancing career, let’s get to know who is Gianna Martello.

Who’s Gianna Martello?

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5’ 1” tall Gianna Martello is an American dance instructor and choreographer from Pittsburg who is in his 30s now, known for her association with the all-time favorite dance show, known as Dance Moms.

Even her introduction is far from Dance Moms as she has been associated with the show’s founder Abby Lee Millar when she was just 14.

Unlike her other counterparts she managed to balance her studies and passion pretty well.

Artists are often dropouts seem to hold wrong for Martello, who graduated from Point Park University in 2011 in Advertising and Public relations.

Is Gianna Martello married? Not yet, she’s yet to find her legal life partner. But she seems to be in love with her boyfriend, Steve Lynch with whom she is seen to spend her casual time together.

Talking about her net worth, as per CelebrityNetWorth. com, she owns $600,000 approximately – the highest earner among any Dance Mom caste yet.

How Gianna Martello Started and Rocked Her Dancing Career?

Enjoying her 33rd birthday, Gianna is still energetic and passionate as any teenage dancer.

She started her career as a part-time dance assistant to Abby Lee at the latter’s dance school named Abby Lee Dance Company (ADLC).

As time went on the bond between Martello and Addy Lee became so strong that whoever named Addy or her institute would name Gianna as well.

Thanks to Gianna, Miller was able to open another branch of ADLC in Los Angeles.

Seeing Gianna and Miller it’s obvious that Gianna has been favorite student of Miller. But some say the former is the second favorite after Maddie Ziegler, which is hard to believe.

On the birthday of Martello, Abby lee took to her Instagram to wish her to the extent that she called her “my student, my friend, my legacy!”

That was indeed a great compliment one can give to one’s student.

While technology has contracted the distances, remote-teaching is one of the ways it’s having an impact on our businesses.

In this context, where Martello used to go with the students on competitions and weekends just, has now opened her doors to the world.

Yes, not surprisingly, Gianna Martello also takes virtual classes online, teaching dance to students around the globe in collaboration with ALDC as a full-time instructor.

It’s not Miller alone that loves her student and partner, Gianna, but Gianna’s own students at Dance Moms are still in touch with her too since those kids joined.

To boost up her student she doesn’t even stop herself from flying to her student’s places in distant areas. One of such examples is when she reached all the way to Los Angeles to celebrate one of her students’ birthday, as posted on her Instagram

her recent visit to one of her students birthday, as in the case of one of her students’ birthday.

Another instance where Gianna Martello was seen dishing out compliments was when one of her students’ Jojo was competing in the show, “Dancing With The Stars”, saying “She poured onto the stage pure magic”.

Gianna Martelo and Jojo hugging each other

Being passionate about dance while starting as early as 12 does not mean she’s a workaholic or introvert. Instead, she loves to travel around the world.

One of her recent tours to Dubai is an eloquent testimony to this. She can be seen enjoying a desert safari while posing in front of a beautiful camel.

Gianna martello posing with a camel in Desert

The Bottom Line

Hailing from a family of dancers she quickly took her pick when she first visited Abby Lee’s studio when she was as young as 6 just. The student that started her journey when she was 12 at ADLC got so associated with her teacher and the institute that she herself became legendary. Even at the age of 33, she is in no mood to retire or take a career-break even. Now she’s known as a well-known choreographer, judge for dance competitions, and a true legacy of Ammy Lee.

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