Danielle Breezy Leadership: An Epitome Of Giving Back

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“When clouds appear like rocks and towers, the earth’s refreshed with frequent showers.”

You might be wondering what made us write this quote when we’re going to talk about Danielle Breezy’s leadership. But the fact of the matter is the lady we’re going to shed light on is a person who tells the public about the clouds’ movement, precipitation, winds, and tornadoes; and, has weathered the storm well in her own life too.

So, let’s introduce her first.

Who’s Danielle Breezy?

A Nashville resident, Danielle Breeze is one of the most experienced ladies in the meteorology industry who’s currently working as a chief meteorologist at WKRN-TV (News 2), CBM sealed & Edward R. Murrow Award winner!

It’s been six years since she’s been working for this TV channel.

Her interest in meteorology began the day when a meteorologist visited her school when she was an 8th Grade student just.

Her degree in Atmospheric Science from Cornell University shows how focused she was on the profession she wanted to pursue since her childhood.

She’s married to Joe Breezy, who works at Hot 106.7 radio.

Danielle Breezy With husband Joe Breezy
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Her professional career

Her professional career as a meteorologist started in the year 2006 when she started working at WBOC-TV as a meteorologist. After working for nearly two and a half years she switched to another television, known as Sinclair Broadcast Group.

The next job was for almost the same amount of time at Tribune broadcasting as a host and meteorologist for nearly a year.

In 2013, she also did an interesting short-period freelance job at the world-famous Fox TV for just 3 months.

Then in the same year, she joined Hearst Television, as a Meteorologist for WCVB where she used to forecast Boston weather. After three years of serving Hearst TV, she finally switched to News 2 TV, where she’s been working to date.

Do you know?

American Meteorological Society awarded the Broadcaster of The year award to Breezy in January 2022

Danielle Breezy Leadership Style

By now we know she’s an award-winning meteorologist, anchor, and host. But combining all these skills lie in one important factor, which is her leadership style, and that’s what made her what she is today.

Encouragement of the Young Women

Do you know a common thing between Danielle and a dance celebrity, Gianna Martello?

Both of them love their juniors and encourage them to grow.

Regarding books, some bloggers falsely state that Breezy has authored a book, which is a total misstatement.

However, on her website, she does mention a book named ‘Wall Of Wonder’ authored by three Cornell university alumnae.

Wall of Wonder Book Cover
Courtesy: daniellebreezytv.com/

Mentioning the book she proudly says she’d been mentioned in it along with her university fellows.

The book is all about highlighting women in the field of science, technology, and engineering which otherwise hardly gets on the light lime.

That’s why it’s quite astonishing when only one woman in one hundred was nominated in the Forbes top 100 leaders.

So, the book tried to decrease the gender gap, that is, created when young girls and aspiring women ain’t recognized for their achievements – exactly what was needed.

She loves to visit the school to boost students and raise their morals to pursue a career in Math and Science.

Danielle Breeze’s Giving Back Trait

Breezy philanthropist and give-back habit are what she actively involves in and encourages others as well.

A public show of this was in 2018 when she posted about a money-raising gala, Play like a Girl Honors, which was intended to provide leadership training and sports equipment to the sports girls who would otherwise quit because of their limited resources.

She’s a board member of the TJ Martel Foundation, an organization that donates to top hospitals for curing cancer patients.

In addition to this, she’s heavily involved in St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Nashville Humane Association, and the American Lung Association.

Top Newspapers & Magazines Mentions Breezy

Her personality makes her highlighted in magazines and editorials, as follows.

40 under 40 Winners

Nashville Business Journal includes Breezy’s name in its ’40 Under 40 Winners’ list. As per this business journal, her job title, social media ID, age, TED Talk topic, surprising facts about her, and hobbies were shown.

Under the surprising fact question, she told that she’s a degree holder from Cornell university and not just a weather newscaster as we most of us know her.

Unlike others, her hobby reflects her kindness and love for humanity. She told she loves to raise charity for young needy girls.

Further, she said she loved to coach young girls who play Lacrosse because that’s what she used to play in her childhood.

The Nashville Edit

An online editorial, Nascwille’s edit is a summary of her beliefs, preferences, routine, work, and life.

In a question and answer session, she answers all queries that show she’s now someone who gets up in the morning to tell what the weather is going to be but still takes time to connect with her community.

The Bottom Line

With CBM (Certified Broadcast Meteorologist) Seal, she’s one of the most successful ladies in the Weather News industry. Not only she’s a great business executive, but she also a feminist, philanthropist, and person who strongly believes in giving back. Her mentions in books, journals, and different galas are an eloquent testimony of her success.

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